Marica Parolini Wellness Coach

A woman of passion

I’ve been working in the field of aesthetics for over twenty years and I like collaborations with capable and attentive professionals.
I love my job, making people feel good is my mission.

I am very close to holistic disciplines, beauty in my opinion is not simply “appearing”, but also feeling good.

I participated in important internships in China and Thailand to get closer to oriental disciplines.

I also work with experts in the wedding sector, I take care of the make-up part;

On such a special day, nothing must be left to chance.

Take good care of your body, it’s the best place to live.

I love to see people’s faces when they tell each other, when they rely on my care.

My intent is to bring aesthetics in all its facets right where you would like.

A relaxing massage, a facial or a make-up, comfortably in your environment, at the times you choose and with maximum flexibility.

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Wellness Coach

The coach is a guide, a support that knows how to develop the confidence necessary to activate the person’s inner resources to stimulate changes.

The Wellness Coach is the innovative approach that helps you adopt positive lifestyles, based on a relationship in which the Coach provides you with support and encouragement to achieve the desired well-being.

The coach helps and supports the client in defining clear and precise goals, directing them to the solution.

Make Up

For special events such as weddings, ceremonies or important evenings, I will be at your disposal with a make up that enhances your beauty.

The wedding package includes a test session and, if desired, a refreshing designed for the groom.

Latest Works

Marica Parolini Make Up Wedding

Make Up Wedding

Marica Parolini Make Up Wedding

Make Up Wedding

Marica Parolini Make Up Wedding

Make Up Wedding

Marica Parolini Make Up Wedding

Make Up Wedding

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Marica Parolini

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